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St.Pauli - Celtic - Party 2012

St.Pauli - Celtic - Party 2012

St.Pauli, February 25, 2012

St.Pauli CSC, the Jolly Roger pub, the Fanladen,  the venue Knust and all St.Pauli supporters would like to welcome all Celtic supporters to our city and especially the St.Pauli district. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we provide a bit of info here.


For the impatient among you:
Friday: warm-up parties in the usual pubs such as the Jolly Roger or Shebeen til the morning.
Saturday: Party with 3 live bands and DJs, afterwards back to the pubs.
St.Pauli Home Match: not scheduled yet, can be Friday to Monday (Monday less likely).
Celtic Match: Will be shown on big screens if not parallel to the St.Pauli match.

We put together a google map of the relevant venues.

Party/Concert Saturday, Feb 25:

Concert and party at the venue Knust (close to the Millerntor stadium, 10 min walk from Reeperbahn area, about 200 meters from Jolly Roger)


Knust im Schlachthof
Neuer Kamp 30

Public transport: Underground Feldstrasse (U3, yellow line)

Admission: 12,- Euro in advance, 15,- Euro at the door (if still available).
Minimum age 16 or in company of a legal guardian

Doors open: tbd, depending on kick-off


We always calculate the prices as low as possible. If there's a win anyway, most of that will be donated to charity or supporters projects. The win of the 2011 party went to:

  • Glasgow: Fans Against Criminalisation Legal Defence Fund
  • Glasgow: The Unity Center
  • St.Pauli: Legal Defence Fund St.Pauli
  • St.Pauli: Fanräume e.V., a supporters initiative to build rooms for supporters and social initiatives into a new stand.

Match: FC St.Pauli vs. Eintracht Braunschweig

FC St.Pauli will play at home to Eintracht Braunschweig, a classic and charged derby match.

Possible days & kick-off times:

  • Friday, Feb 24, 6.00pm
  • Saturday, Feb 25, 1.00pm
  • Sunday, Feb 26, 1.30pm
  • Monday, Feb 27, 8.15pm

Monday is the least likely date, but we can't exclude that possibility.

As every season, all St. Pauli home matches sell out, but we managed to reserve a special allocation for this match. For reserving tickets, see the below.

Getting Tickets For Party And Match

Please reserve your tickets by sending an email to We take reservations from now on. You must state the names you want tickets for (to avoid double bookings) and your preference for the match:

  • North Stand terrace: 12+1 Euro
  • Gegengerade terrace: 14+1 Euro
  • North Stand seats: 25+1 Euro

In addition to the ticket price, the Fanladen that will hand out the tickets when you pick them up after arrival charges 1 Euro per ticket that go to the social projects of the Fanladen.

We can't guarantee that you'll get the ticket you prefer but we'll do our best. No pre-payment, you'll pay when you pick them up at the Fanladen. As we have had bad experience with significant numbers of people not picking up their tickets we'll have a strict deadline for collecting them! If not picked up in time, they'll be given to those on the waiting list.

Watching Celtic FC vs. Motherwell Together

If the match will not be parallel to the St. Pauli match, the Knust (the location of the party) will show the match on big screens. Last year, more than 400 people met up at lunchtime and turned the Celtic win into a mad party, let's hope for the same this year.

The Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger is the main St.Pauli supporters pub. It's non-profit, all money goes into supporters projects. It's located at Budapester Straße close to the Millerntor stadium and 5 minutes walk from Reeperbahn.

For the party weekend, the opening hours will be extended, starting at noon til about 6 or 7am.

The Fanladen

The Fanladen team is responsible for taking care of the fan scene and the Fanladen is the key coordination center and one of the central meeting points for the fans as well as the home of many fan organisations (e.g. board of registered supporters clubs, anti-repression group) and fanzines. It offers special assistance to local and international supporters and visitors that want to get in touch and visit an FC St.Pauli match.

The Fanladen offers a small range of merchandise and is a nice place to meet people and have a drink as well. With all the money going into social and supporters projects, money spent here is very good money. ;)

More info on their website:

Their new online shop:

Security and General Advice

The St.Pauli district is a party and red light area so you should take all the usual precautions such as keeping money safe and having a copy of your passport. Some of the more shady bars along the Reeperbahn might try to fool you with the price of a drink, so if you really wanna go there order from a menu rather than just ordering 'one beer' and never let any of the staff order a champagne on your expense. We have had supporters with 600 Euro bills at lunch time in recent years - there are better ways of spending money.

It's not illegal to consume alcohol on the street in Hamburg, but since recently there's a complete ban of glass bottles at the Reeperbahn and some of the streets and places just off the Reeperbahn. No problem to drink alcohol from plastic bottles, though, and the ban does not apply to the areas further north and south of the Reeperbahn such as where Jolly Roger etc. are.

Opening hours: there are no limits for the pubs and bars, some close earlier, others haven't closed in the last 20 years. There will be still enough bars open (almost) all night and all the St.Pauli/Celtic related places should be bouncing til the morning. Ask us or in the hotels for further advise. Supermarkets in the St.Pauli area are open every day except for Sunday.

Be a bit careful in the area south of the Reeperbahn. There are a couple of HSV pubs in that area and while it is not too dangerous in general, it's defo better to remain in groups or rather avoid it during the night. Only very very few good places there anyway, more expensive, touristy etc. Better stick to  north of the Reeperbahn and the places we recommend on the map.

Getting to Hamburg/St.Pauli

From Hamburg Airport
Take train S1, departing from one of the terminals, simply follow the signs. You should be able to simply stay on the train til you reach train station Reeperbahn. It's a wee bit quicker if you change trains 2 times, but this way is easiest. Will stop in Wandsbek and at central train station (Hauptbahnhof) as well, if you need to get out in those areas for your hotel.

From Bremen Airport (Ryan Air)
It's advisable to take the train, as the Autobahn is full of road works, so the bus will need longer than usual to Hamburg. If you are traveling after 9 am on a work day or on a weekend, you can use the "Niedersachsenticket"/"Lower Saxony Ticket" which costs about 28 Euro and is valid for a group of up to 5 people. You can get it at the airport information (just follow the signs) and it's valid for the tram (line number 6, get out at Bremen Hauptbahnhof), the Metronom train to Hamburg (leaving Bremen on .28, e.g. 2.28 pm, 3.28 pm etc.), and public transport in Hamburg.
The alternative is the bus, it costs 14.50 Euro per person if booked online, ?? Euro on the bus. Departing straight from the terminal and getting you to the Hamburg central bus stop ("ZOB") next to the central train station ("Hauptbahnhof").

From Lübeck Airport (Ryan Air)
Take the bus, departs directly in front of the airport terminal and it's about 10 Euro. You can only pay at the bus.

From Berlin Airport (Schönefeld or Tegel)
The fastest is going by train, but can be costly:

There are two bus companies as well:

After arriving at central bus and train station in Hamburg:
To get to St.Pauli district, you could take either U3 (yellow line) to stop St.Pauli or S1 (green line) to Reeperbahn. Taxi would be 8-10 Euro.

Hotels And Hostels

Most of the more frequent visitors and supporters stay in the ETAP and IBIS St.Pauli, the A&O Reeperbahn (formerly known as Hotel Stern), Hotel Budapester Hof (directly next door to the Jolly Roger) or Hotel Figaro.
Here is a more complete list of Hotels in alphabetical order, but we cannot rate
how good or bad they are:  Etagenduschen und WC's  Location  PJ's Hotel  Altona und Schanzenviertel  A&O Hotel Stern

We put together a google map of the relevant venues.

TAL astro & Sven for St.Pauli CSC