Friday, 5 April 2013

Important info about picking up tickets at the party weekend

Those that have reserved tickets for the match and the party have to pick up their tickets at the Fanladen. 
On the map:

Opening hours:
Thursday: 3pm to 7pm
Friday: 3pm to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 11am 

If your flight arrives after kick-off, picking up tickets for the party will be possible the one hour directly after the end of the match. 

Tickets for the party not picked up will to go those on the waiting list. 

If you know you won't make it at all - you getting married, exams, prison sentence or whatever - please let us know asap at so that we can sort people on the waiting list for the party as well. 

From experience: try to sort the tickets
on Friday, Saturday kick off at 1pm is bad enough to get out of bed in time and it's advisable to get into the ground at least an hour before kick off. We expect that there will be beer (Astra) with normal alcohol inside the stadium, so not that much reason to stay in the pub til the last minute. It's considered a bit impolite to push into the crowds like 5 minutes before kick off. There's a 1.50 Euro deposit on the plastic cups for the beer, a beer is 3.50 Euro per pint, so quite reasonable. 

If there are any problems or questions, email us at

See you in St. Pauli!